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Parent Drop Off and Pickup


The safety of our students is our number one priority.  The car rider line is a TWO lane entrance.  The left hand side is for cars that are not waiting in line for drop off or pick-up but those who are attempting to park in the parking lot.  Please do not ride in the middle of the entrance.  Also, the lane is not for passing to cut off other drivers.  Please be considerate of others while driving so that everyone is able to get where they need to be in a timely and safe manner.  

Dismissal:  Please have a sign with your students first name, last name, and grade posted on your dashboard for afternoon pick-up. 

In order to expedite the process and ensure the safety of each student, we consulted with the Pearland Police Department and have outlined the following guidelines if you are dropping off or picking up your child by car.

  • Enter and exit from the South entrance (closest to Magnolia Rd. and across from Cross Point Church).
  • Parents should remain in their car in line on the exterior driveway. 
  • The visitors’ parking lot will have a Stop sign and chain at the North entrance of the parking lot from 7:45AM-8:30AM daily to accommodate arrival of students. 
  • Students will NOT be allowed to cross from a parked car into the school.
  • Parents will NOT be allowed to park in the visitor’s parking lot and walk your student across. 
  • Students will enter the building at the front entrance under the covered area.
  • They may get dropped off at any point along the side walk. At dismissal, students will be exiting all doors on the west side of the building and walking toward the covered area. They may get in their parent’s car at any point along the side walk.
  • Parents should pull up all the way to the front of the covered sidewalk in the front of the building. Do not drop off or wait directly in front of the main exit doors if there is space available to pull forward.
  • Once the student is in the appropriate car, parents may pull around the cars in front of them to exit the parking lot. Since cars may be passing the pick-up line to exit, parents are encouraged to take caution before pulling out of the line.
  • Orange/Yellow cones will block a small area in front of the school to allow for special needs buses to pick up students.   Orange/Yellow cones will also be set up to assist with double drop off lines forming as car rider dismissal numbers increase.
  • DO NOT drop off students in the bus drop off area (by the gymnasiums)

Please be aware of the following reminders. 

Students cannot be checked out of the office past 3:30 pm. 

Please be alert and drive slowly in the school car rider lane.  Reminder: It is illegal to talk on cell phones in school zones. Please avoid all distractions while driving around our school as we have many students also arriving the campus on foot or bicycle.

For parents picking up from Rogers also: Parents will not be able to drive directly from Miller’s parking lot to Rogers. All cars must exit the South entrance. You will then exit Rogers onto Fite Rd, turn left on 1128, and enter Miller’s parent pick-up line from the South entrance.

car rider map